Lesson Prices

All pupils will receive the full advertised lesson time.

No other pupil will be in the car during your lesson, e.g. no “piggy-backing”.

First 4 Lessons (Introductory Offer) £40.00 (beginners only)
1 Hour Lesson £23.00
90 Minute Lesson £32.50
2 Hour Lesson £43.00
10 Hour Block Booking £210.00 (payable in advance)
1 Hour Refresher Courses £27.00
1 Hour Motorway Lessons £30.00
Pass Plus £180.00 (6 hours minimum)
Pass Plus £160.00 (6 hours minimum - own pupils)
Fee on Driving Test Day £52.00

  • What services do I provide?
    I offer fun and reliable driving lessons for beginner drivers as well as refresher lessons and pass plus courses.

  • How much will lessons cost?
    Prices start from £22.00 for an hours lesson. Block Booking is available for £200.00 for 10 hours.